Shades of Green

The new governor appears to have double-crossed environmental supporters in choosing some new agency heads.

But hey, Guenther supported the Heritage Fund.

Another Lawyer Joke

The Spike was most amused by the following voice mail from disbarred attorney Gary Karpin, who now runs a Phoenix business that may or may not help people who can't afford attorneys with simple legal matters. Karpin is featured — heavily — in this issue of New Times in a story called "Courthouse Scoundrels" by staff writer Paul Rubin.

Rand Carlson

"Hi, Mr. Rubin. Gary Karpin, trying to get in touch with you on two points, one to be heard on the article to be able to respond meaningfully to the article, and also to raise the issue [that] this is a conflict of interest for you and your corporation.

"There's a contract right now between myself and your corporation for advertising and there has been for the last four years. You and your company owe a duty to me of good faith.

"The purpose of that contract is to enhance my practice through advertising, and you're not allowed under that contract to take any adverse action against my interests. That would be a breach of that contract and violation of the duty of good faith and loyalty your company owes to me. . . . Any adverse reporting, truthful or not, would be a violation of that contract.

"I've paid thousands of dollars into this corporation that you work for for purposes of enhancing my practice and I'm obviously going to receive damages as the result of an unfavorable article — and it sounds like it is."

The Spike asked Steve Suskin, New Times legal counsel, if The Spike had somehow missed some precedent-setting U.S. Supreme Court ruling that gave advertisers some sort of legal standing above the editorial side of the paper.

"My reaction was that Gary doesn't seem to be taking First Amendment considerations into account in his bloviations," Suskin replied.

All The Spike can say is no wonder Gary Karpin's not an attorney anymore.

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