Chump Change

The Spike checks on some shortsighted folks at a Scottsdale eye clinic

Solaski notes that he did try to pay the money he legitimately owed for services, the leftover that apparently Medicare or his secondary insurance didn't cover. And he says he would have paid the late fee if he'd owed it and if the McCormick billing clerk hadn't lied to him about the agreement. "That was when I decided I had to confront them," he says.

"I'm not trying to sound noble here," Solaski continues. The clinic's action "is so irrational. It's a stubborn pursuit of nothing. And then all this sneakiness bothered me."

The Spike couldn't agree more. The collection agency gambit is decidedly over the line, in The Spike's book, of what's fair in social relations such as these. And never telling Solaski the $4 was multiplying? Very bad form, Dr. Johnson.

"I jealously guard my reputation," adds Solaski, who has been appointed by various mayors and governors to serve on various commissions. "I am squeaky clean. And here these people are threatening me."

Oh, and that little eye problem? Solaski has decided to seek another medical opinion.

"I don't trust his medical skills."

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