Ladmo's Bark

Feisty Chicano e-zine seeks to bolster Latino activism

In the December issue, "Nezahualcoyotl," described as the "Ladmo Park Prime Minister of Verbal War," addresses vigilantes on Arizona's southern border with typical flair. "Ranch Rescue, American Border Patrol, Civil Homeland Defense, Voices of Citizens Together Ė who are these morons?! What is wrong? Did NASCAR suddenly disappear? Has professional wrestling been banned? Why do these pendejos all of a sudden have so much time on their hands?"

Joe insists that "Nez" is a real person. "He's the no-bullshit, disgruntled, angry, underachieving, overeducated guy who says what we are all thinking."

Ladmo Park chooses to celebrate the positive as well. Information on scholarships, job opportunities, fund raisers and internships is provided.

Rand Carlson

Despite the hours of work and perceived danger of his mission, Joe says, the heroes and triumphs are too few, and the sellouts and injustice are too plentiful for Ladmo Park to rest anytime soon.

"I want us to come out of our shells, stand up and say, 'Wait a minute, that was fucked up!'" Joe says emphatically. "It's accountability; accountability is what I'm looking for. We have to demand that."

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