Family Stone

They've got the parents. Now the Rolling Stones are out for the kids.

Given that Jagger and Richards are such renowned control freaks, it's interesting to note that the one item of official Rolling Stones merchandise that actually is selling like mad on the Licks World Tour is the "Get Licked!" tee shirt the one featuring a cartoon Mick and Keith jamming along with Homer Simpson.

When the two rock legends lent their voices to animated likenesses of themselves on The Simpsons' 14th-season opener last November, the coup landed Matt Groening's drawings on the cover of Rolling Stone and sealed the show's status as the all-time coolest cartoon in rock boasting cameos by more than 60 guest musicians, including three Beatles, all four U2's, the Ramones, *NSYNC and Britney Spears.

But it also did something even greater for the Stones. By casting Mick and Keith as instructors at the Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp Homer is sent to after his family tires of his middle-age-crazy antics, the Stones were able to shake off 40 years of bad influence in a single "D'oh!"

Jimmy Magahern


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In Homer, an overgrown frat boy with a list of bad habits rivaling Richards at his wildest, the Stones finally found their perfect over-40 everyfan. Here was an image of famously irresponsible parenting everyone could finally love. Suddenly, kids and teens had a new way of looking at their Stones-obsessed parents that made them want to laugh rather than wanting to call the child-welfare agents.

It's an image kids will undoubtedly want to cling to as they watch their folks preen and prance before the mirror, getting ready to overindulge in every manner their bodies can still handle as they speed off to the overpriced rock show they blew the family Christmas fund on.

Just remember, kids: It's only rock 'n' roll. And it's high-larious!

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