Man, Oh Manwich

Our gal about town enjoys the grub and the guys at My Florist.

DL: But the salad was great. Chicken, feta cheese, caramelized onion with a sweet dressing. We also had great onion bread.

Bite Me: And you, sir?

GL: I had the same thing she had, and the people we were with had steak salads. They were very good meals, very filling. And there was a great piano player, and the beer and wine were great!

Tony and Robert
Tony and Robert
Armando and Rob
Armando and Rob

Location Info


My Florist Café & Bar

534 W. McDowell Road
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: Central Phoenix


602-254-0333. 6 a.m.-midnight daily. Appetizers, $3-$9; main courses, $5.75-$9.75. Major cards.
530 West McDowell

Bite Me: Booze hound. What's your favorite thing about your wife?

GL: I'd say her wonderful personality and the ability that she has to put up with me.

Bite Me: And your favorite thing about your new bundle of manly love?

DL: He's kind, caring and thinks about the other person first. I couldn't have found somebody better. – As parlayed to Marnye Oppenheim

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