Indian Ruin

The Zuni tribe's plans for Phoenix billboards were abruptly canceled by Clear Channel

The coalition says hydrogeological studies by the U.S. Geological Survey and the Bureau of Indian Affairs have determined that groundwater pumping for the mine will have serious detrimental effects on the lake. The studies, however, were not included in governmental reviews before mining permits were issued to SRP.

SRP says all appropriate environmental studies have been conducted and monitoring wells will be installed to protect the lake.

SRP intends to transport the coal from the mine via a 44-mile rail line to the Coronado Generating Station in St. Johns. The railway will bisect the traditional sanctuary area and is projected to destroy many historic sites and affect scores of human burials. Several burial sites have already been affected by preliminary work, Bessler says.

Taking aim at the lake.
Taking aim at the lake.

"Needless to say, the Zuni tribe finds it impossible to rationalize the displacement of our ancestors' burials for the sake of making money," Zuni governor Malcolm Bowekaty said in testimony last July before the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs.

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