And Then He Killed Me (Allegedly)

Is Phil Spector mad, a genius or a murder suspect with decades of preparation? Read our results!

He's Sure the Ghoul I Love (1974)

Phil has a serious auto accident in 1974. Upon his release from the hospital, he spray-paints his hair silver and gold and hangs an oversize cross around his neck to distract people's attention from his unsightly facial scars. However, his efforts don't divert the LAPD's attention away from Spector's entourage's collective gun arsenal. Although they were all fully licensed, the group spends the night in jail, mainly because Spector looks like an extra from The Devil's Rain. C

Suspicious Minds? (1975)

Who be at my door? Phil Spector mans the Billy Goat Gruff circa the late '70s.
Who be at my door? Phil Spector mans the Billy Goat Gruff circa the late '70s.

Despite widespread inaccuracies picked up from the AP wire service, Spector never produces Elvis Presley. He and some pals do, however, visit the King backstage in Vegas fully armed, producing some tense moments for the Memphis Mafia until the whole meeting devolves into a mutual gun admiration society. B

Deaf of a Layteeth Man (1978)

Volatile, boozing and depressed, maybe it isn't the right time for Spector to be producing a Leonard Cohen album. It's during these sessions that Spector aims his gun at a violinist's head and orders him out of the studio for making fun of his lisp. D

Da Doo Run Run For Your Life! (1986)

While trying to convince LaToya Jackson to let him produce her next record, he imprisons her in his house for four hours and freaks her out by giving her a key that said "Bates Motel" and asking her if she'd like to go there with him. Cue screeching orchestral stabs! D

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