Butt Heads

Where there's underage smoking, there's fire

"The longevity of a Circle K clerk is 90 days," she notes.

(Apparently, clerks don't have as much trouble carding people for booze. In this state, driver's licenses for people under 21 are a different color.)

The rewards program has been tried in Montana and Wyoming, where Bischoff says it's worked to reduce the underage buy rate.

Hmmm. The American Lung Association, which rates all states based on their anti-smoking efforts, gives Arizona a "C" when it comes to youth-access issues; Montana and Wyoming both have an "F" in that category.

So forgive The Spike for being cynical. Maybe a couple of tickets to the Diamondbacks behind home plate, please would keep The Spike from going to this weekend's gun show, and picking up a hot little Tech 9, and smoking a few lawmakers. Just, um, kidding.

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