Kilt Joy

Skirt-chasing on the occasion of this weekend's Highland Games

NT: And you're a Scotsman.

FitzRoi: Well, when I'm in character, aye.

NT: And the rest of the time?

Beam me up: Scotty for a day, Chuck Feuquay.
Kevin Scanlon
Beam me up: Scotty for a day, Chuck Feuquay.

FitzRoi: Maybe a wee, wee bit of a Scot. The rest of the time, I'm Mormon French.

NT: Of course you are. And what do you say to people who think that doing this Renaissance thing means you're a total loser?

FitzRoi: So far, no one has ever told me this is peculiar. When people see me in costume, I'm givin' them somethin': history, or a look at me kilt, or a spoon I made. When I tell people what I do, they're fascinated. They see me at the Renaissance Festival, and it's a kind of history lesson. It's all great crack.

NT: I'm sorry?

FitzRoi: In Scotland, havin' great fun is called crack, m'lad.

NT: Speaking of cracks, what are you wearing under that skirt?

FitzRoi: Lipstick, me boy!

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