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Glendale goes global

Wed 4/2
Interstellar Storyteller
Even 56 years later, the mystery is far too fascinating we can't leave Roswell enough alone. It all started on a ranch 53 miles south of the New Mexico town, where Mac Brazel discovered something after a lightning storm. Did a UFO land? Did the government conceal alien visitors? Is it all just spaced-out speculation?

On Wednesday, April 2, teacher and storyteller Bob Walling brings the controversy to the classroom. In "What Happened at Roswell?," he'll weave stories drawing from his interviews with survivors of the event and government reports. The program begins at 6:30 p.m. at Paradise Valley Community College, 18401 North 32nd Street. Registration, $25 for one person and $10 for a guest, is required. Call 602-787-6800. Jill Koch

Sock it to us: Switchfoot steps up at the Bash.
Sock it to us: Switchfoot steps up at the Bash.
Space case: Walling discusses Roswell.
Jason Hill
Space case: Walling discusses Roswell.
Green scene: Garden tourists get an outside look.
Green scene: Garden tourists get an outside look.

Garden Variety
Open Days event goes the whole six yards
If you think nothing grows in Arizona but yellow grass, the Garden Conservancy's Open Days program is going to be a shock not to mention a great excuse to wander through the neighbors' yard without getting arrested. The six gardens chosen by the conservancy boast intricate topiaries, drought-tolerant native plants, koi ponds, travertine mosaics and hummingbird gardens. Tours are available this Saturday and Sunday, March 29 and 30, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For a list of gardens and directions, visit Or begin your tour at the first stop, the Hopper residence at 5901 East Jean Avenue in Phoenix, and pick up a brochure. The cost to tour each garden is $5. For details call 1-888-842-2442. Quetta Carpenter

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