Patriotic Pang

The Spike just loves a real man in uniform

He says he can handle that now.

Besides, he says, it's only for basic training. Once you're out of the hellhole that is boot camp, you're in a technical school and then a regular duty assignment.

"They're not as much in your face," he says. "It's really more or less like a regular job."

Rand Carlson

Hmmm. The Spike is not convinced. If The Spike's boss ordered The Spike served up as scud missile fodder, The Spike could tell the boss no thank you. It might get fired, but probably not sent to Leavenworth for 20 years.

But what the heck. Even though The Spike may do an about-face when within sight of a recruiting station, it thinks our fearless leaders are wrong not to take advantage of Don Surovec and his ilk.

As Surovec points out, more capable people, even if they are over 40, might help fill the ranks enough that military personnel could be gone for shorter periods of time.

And older workers, especially those like Surovec who truly want to serve their country, couldn't help but bring a sense of maturity and stability and work ethic that would benefit the rank and file.

Also, who retires at 55 anymore? The Spike thinks it may be time for Congress to reconsider this particular military strategy, especially given the realities of a private-sector work force that is still going strong well into their 60s.Ė As told to Patti Epler

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