Giving Peace No Chance

A Valley militia has anti-war advocates in its sights

"To Eliminate Social Ignorants' such as the Anarchist' one must first find out who they are. Understand their Agenda, then infiltrate their organizations and groups. This, not always being the most effective way, can and has provided other useful information. Hell, ask the FBI about that one."

The e-mail describes the VPC members as "law abiding, socially productive, citizens."

"We're just a little more serious and aggressive than the average citizen when it comes to issues of Patriotism and National pride. Values the Anarchist Protestor just does not comprehend."

Rand Carlson

The author says the group originally started in Buckeye before World War II with "a rebirth" in the early 1990s. It is more vigilante than "militant militia," the author says. "We communicate via social and work venues, when out shooting etc. I guess similar to a Guys Gun Club or whatever."

"Most of us have a great love for Guns and exercising our Second Amendment rights on a daily basis as well as working to keep Dangerous people out of our Country, away from our borders and off of our Streets.... We go out armed every day of our lives to every place you could probably imagine. I myself never leave home without a weapon, and many times, more than not, take along my favorite AK. Most, if not all of us do."

The VPC says it has already been active in its own form of patrolling and guarding the Valley. A few months ago, the e-mail says, the VPC, after hearing about a Department of Public Safety officer who was shot by a suspect who took off toward Wickenburg, "quietly set up a surveillance and what you might call a sniper op in the desert north and west of Buckeye for almost 2 days just waiting and watching."

"We were there not to become involved in or disrupt a police operation but were there to make sure this Asshole didn't get past them and into town. We were prepared to cuff and effect a citizens arrest, actually in that case would have been a Citizens Legal detention of a Felony suspect. Our civic duty."

The e-mail says the group has also been concerned about the security of the Palo Verde nuclear facility and "kept an eye out" until Governor Janet Napolitano sent the National Guard to the site.

The e-mail author denied he is Bruce Watson, the Glendale man to whom the site is registered. The writer says his name is "Geoff" and that Watson just owns the site.

Wells says he and other peace activists will be careful at demonstrations and vigils, but will not be intimidated into inaction. "I think it's really important, especially in a time of crisis, to exercise the freedoms this country's supposed to stand for. If you allow groups like this to intimidate you, you might as well be living in a police state."

For the most part, Wells says, protestors and supporters of war have co-existed without strife at demonstrations. "The counter-protestors have not engaged in any activities that are dangerous yet." Wells pauses, then adds: "But the backdrop for the guy's Web site is a machine gun."

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