Tobacco Roadie

Valley music players remember a fallen comrade

Dave Mustaine, himself a fighter against addiction, weighs in with real poignancy: "I know that you are a good man and I hope that you have asked Jesus into your heart while you still can so I will see you in heaven."

Matt Strangwayes of Greenhaven, a friend and neighbor, reflects on Calleo's nonpretentiousness: "You relied on a basic set of principles that you applied to all situations: 1. Smile and nod, no matter the bullshit you are hearing. 2. Know where the beer is. 3. Know where the beer is."

And then there's Kayleigh Ė it comes from her mother's e-mail, but in its innocence you suspect she typed it herself: "Hey dad I know I just saw you today when you passed away but I thought I would E-mail you just to tell you I love you because I know you can hear me so I just sent you it oh also I [remember] all the good times we had together like the time when we went to the baseball game that was soooooooooo! Fun."

To Calleo (pictured) from Mustaine: "I know that you are a good man."
To Calleo (pictured) from Mustaine: "I know that you are a good man."

Messages like that warm a broken heart, which may be the most perfect way to summarize the story of John Calleo. "He was one of our soldiers," summarized Treadwell. "You've got to look after your own."

Even when, in most cases, that never happens so publicly. It touches me deeply.

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