No Good Deed

Two Phoenix attorneys who tried to heal the Catholic Church are punished with the threat of a lawsuit

Two other theories floating around: Prosecutors leaked it to get a feeling for public sentiment regarding such a deal and to show that even O'Brien's old attorney felt that O'Brien needed to go.

Or, Manning leaked it to float the possibility of O'Brien's departure to a wider audience of concerned Catholics.

The second document, in which Leisse blasts Manning and Calderon, likely was released by Leisse or a close associate who thought it would embarrass Manning.

Bishop Thomas O'Brien
Bishop Thomas O'Brien

Regardless of this diocesan Deep Throat's identity, the documents further illustrate a key fact in this scandal.

O'Brien and Leisse are still unrepentant thugs who are willing to further damage the church to keep their cushy jobs.

Which, considering that both represent a moral authority, means they are absolutely unfit to continue in their positions.

If the last year has taught us anything positive, it is that the Diocese of Phoenix is not a den of perverts. The number of confirmed cases, indeed, even the number of rumored cases, represents only a small percentage of the priests working in the Valley and a small percentage when compared to the number of pedophile priests in dioceses such as Los Angeles and Boston.

The only real scandal is how O'Brien and his henchmen chose to handle, and continue to handle, the cases that did exist.

Manning and Calderon are right. County Attorney Rick Romley is right. And thousands of frustrated Catholics are right.

It's time for Bishop O'Brien to step down and let the real healing begin.

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