Hear No Evil

Deaf commission breaks rules in sweet deal with contractor

The lawsuit does not ask for a specific dollar amount.

Young tells New Times that Sherri Collins and the commission continued to withhold business from her company, even after the State Procurement Office had resolved almost all of the complaints in Freelance's favor.

"They did all of this only because I dared to open my mouth about the bad stuff that's been going on there for years," says Young, whose parents were deaf and who once served as a foster mother for a 13-year-old deaf girl who was trying to raise a small child. "I went on that board [for two years] because I thought it would be a service to the community. Instead, what I saw was a tremendous waste of taxpayer money and an unbelievable bias in favor of one guy [Bob Daniels] and his company, when there were other companies out there that could have done the job for less money and more quality."

Rand Carlson

Collins says she knows nothing about the lawsuit, and declined to comment further about Young's allegations.

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