Letters from the week of May 22, 2003

Don Carter
Orono, Minnesota

Appall bearer: I am appalled at the story I have just read. To think that in this day and age people can get away with such cruelty. What kind of a world do we live in? It is so clear that money talks. What about this woman and her children? How will they survive? Rick Romley needs to take action to protect our women and children now!

Ellen Schnall

Witnesses for the prosecution: I find it horrifying that in the year 2003, the DA's office can be so in the dark ages regarding domestic abuse. How much more evidence is needed to prosecute this case? It sounds as though there are multitudes of witnesses to corroborate Heather Grossman's story as well as speaking to her credibility. How much more does this poor woman and her children have to suffer?

Please do the right thing.

Donna B. Shortt
Laguna Niguel, California

Taking action: Thank you so much for printing the very well-researched article about Heather Grossman. It has, though, left me feeling speechless and, of course, incensed. I am taking this first course of action to beg Rick Romley to please reconsider taking action about this horribly obvious case of abuse. It is apparent that Heather is too weak to fight for herself; we as a community must stand up together and do it for her!

Merry Cole Bender
Via e-mail

Abuse of justice: I read your story about Heather Grossman and I was saddened beyond belief that anyone would have to endure the life that Heather has endured. I also have to say that I am sickened that Rick Romley's office is not all over this case to prosecute. According to your article, there are several witnesses who saw Mr. Grossman verbally and even physically abuse Heather, not to mention the Paradise Valley police and their reports. Also, according to your article, Mr. Grossman' s attorney found only one witness who saw nothing. That does not make sense to me. Based on the numbers alone, I would think Mr. Romley's office has no other choice than to seek justice for Heather and her family.

I am writing to support Heather Grossman and her family to see if there is anything we, the public, can do to support her case. It seems to me that if we don't go after the "bad" guys when we have witnesses to prove the case, what happens to those women and even men who are abused who don't have witnesses? I guess they have absolutely no chance at all for justice. Heather and her kids have been through enough.

Nancy Fisher
Via e-mail

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