Puppets Show

Arizonans get a taste of the live Meat Puppets they hardly saw on a new '90s retrospective DVD

"By the fall of '95, most of the bands that had come up through the '80s doing the do-it-yourself independent touring ranks [had] ended one way or another, broke up, people died or they went through changes; the trend was quickly milked and they were supplanted by bands that were plugged in the major-label thing, played the major-label game and gave them the hard guitars style that they wanted. And then the so-called authentic bands weren't needed anymore."

Bostrom also oversaw the reissues and penned liner notes for the Meat Puppets Ryko CDs, both of which served as a dry run for the memoirs of his musician life he's planning (still a musician, he collaborated on some songs with singer-songwriter Neil Hamburger for his next CD). As for his contact with Cris Kirkwood, Bostrom switches to third person to announce, "Bostrom doesn't want to be involved with hard drugs, and when Cris got involved with that, I cut off contact. I don't know what he's up to." But Curt recently did some acoustic solo shows in support of the DVD.

Not a drummer's manual: Derrick Bostrom (left) compiles live Meat Puppets for new DVD.
Not a drummer's manual: Derrick Bostrom (left) compiles live Meat Puppets for new DVD.

Overseeing the band's legacy, though, is something that Bostrom's done since its earliest days. "When the band was together, I was kind of packaging it, kind of creating that mythological bubble that three stoners from Phoenix could appear larger than life with. [Curt and Cris] have never had any problems with that and I have yet to betray their trust by making it the DVD of Bostrom's drumming. I did all the Ryko stuff and they still trust my judgment. We weren't interested in putting out odds and ends. It's pretty obvious to us what's the good stuff."

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