Man-juice gets a flavor make-over

The audition notice says the film is based on a true story of a young Navajo boy who becomes an Olympic boxer. The Ricker has been quoted as saying it is "sort of based on a true story with several Native American fighters from reservations trying to make a movie about the Olympics." At least, that's what a U.K.-based film industry gossip Web site says he says. So, it's either about Native Americans going to the Olympics, or about Native Americans making a movie about the Olympics, or it's both.

Either way, the casting director (Faith "Please do not call" Hibbs-Clark) says Black Cloud is a SAG film (under contract with the Screen Actors Guild union). That means it will be one of a precious few union films made in Arizona's right-to-work indie haven. So instead of making the largely Native American cast (some with character names such as "Indian Hottie" and "Party Pervert") work for free in exchange for "copy and credit," the film will actually pay them wages, even if it makes no money.

Thanks, Ricky!

Mark Poutenis

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