Judgment Day

After a year of denials, Bishop O'Brien finally admits what we knew all along

Also, Greg Leisse, the Diocese's thuggish general counsel, will not be allowed to provide legal counsel regarding sexual misconduct cases.

Romley says he tried to include O'Brien's resignation in the deal. And O'Brien reportedly met with a Vatican ambassador to offer his resignation, which, according to Canon Law, must be approved by the Pope.

But Vatican officials allegedly refused to accept O'Brien's resignation. They told him he had to remain as the bishop in Phoenix. At a press conference late Monday, O'Brien was defiant and arrogant. "I serve as bishop at the pleasure of the Pope, not the county attorney," he said.

Rand Carlson

Can you imagine anyone else in the Valley telling the county attorney that he couldn't agree to a plea agreement stipulation to quit his job because his boss wouldn't let him quit?

But Romley did agree.

So now it is up to the highest moral authority in the Valley's largest morality-based institution to do the moral thing.

To bring a real end to this investigation and the scandal it uncovered, Bishop Thomas O'Brien must quit now.

He doesn't need to get a holy writ of approval from Rome.

All he needs to do is walk out the office door and never return. You know, like every other human being does.

There are other jobs out there for Thomas O'Brien.

Porn store clerk, maybe.

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