Furious and Furiouser

Local lawyer lays down his opinionated tracks

Which raised another point for the barrister. 2 Fast 2 Furious had almost seemed a light comedy, despite all of its aggression, and not a single character had gotten laid or bought the farm.

"Isn't that interesting? No sex. No violence. Nobody died," Hentoff said, as if it suddenly struck him as a revelation. When it was pointed out that there had, in fact, been plenty of violence, with bullets flying and punches thrown, the lawyer argued that much of it had been implied, not graphic. "The key beating was shot from the ground up, so you couldn't see the blows landing," he said.

"I can't remember the last time there was an action movie without a gratuitous sex scene. They must have wanted badly for this to be a PG-13 movie. Smart, too," Hentoff continued. "I mean, it was essentially a long video game. Didn't you get the idea that you had a toggle switch in your hand?"

Nick Hentoff has made a name for himself defending unusual clients.
Emily Piraino
Nick Hentoff has made a name for himself defending unusual clients.

Asked if the lack of a body count would only mask the pernicious effect the film might have on young viewers, Hentoff nodded.

"It'll encourage a lot of crazy driving, I'll tell you that," said the attorney. But youngsters who follow their 2 Fast 2 Furious viewing by turning the streets of Phoenix into a racetrack can't turn to him, the lawyer said. He doesn't handle DUI or other traffic-related cases. But he doubts that drag racers cause nearly the problems that other bad drivers do, he added.

"You never really read about drag races in Phoenix resulting in death. It always seems to be the drunk attorney or the rich guy," Hentoff mused.

Asked about his own driving habits, the lawyer admitted to being a cop magnet in his powerful Camaro. "Well, the speedometer goes up to 150. I try to be careful. I got too many tickets the last time I had a Z-28. So I take it easy."

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Nicholas Hentoff physically assaulted me in a bar and then fled the state when he was convicted. He was disbarred and thus moved to Asia after he was charged with assault. He lost an additional case in which he misled, withheld money and lied to a client. Nicholas Hentoff has never made amends. He has never made court ordered payments. Nick Hentoff's actions resulted in me losing four teeth. He is a supreme loser.


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