Law Less

Liberty Property Damage owner loses his own liberty

"I'm sure Martinez would have cashed the check if he'd gotten it and never let us know a thing," Deborah Bolden says. "I feel so stupid. The bottom line is, he's a crook."

Bolden and others seeking to stop Bert Martinez will have to look beyond the unauthorized practice of law issue. Arizona is the only state without criminal sanctions against the unauthorized practice of law.

Martinez says his short jail stint provided him a valuable learning lesson.

Rand Carlson

"It was a great way to keep myself sober and straight about what I should and shouldn't do," he says. "I call it a good learning experience."

But Deborah Bolden says she got a call from Martinez late last week, a day or two after his release from jail. At that point, she notes, Martinez didn't know she and her husband were onto him as a fraud.

"All he told me was he'd been away for a couple of days, but was ready to get back into our case," Bolden says. "The liar."

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