Mountains "AGE," lawyers have hissy fits, and Arpaio asks you to draw

Save your breath, counselors. We know you can argue each other into the ground -- political or not, allowed under the bylaws or not, fair to both sides or not. Yes, we've read all the e-mails.

We're just happy to see that, after all the hoopla, the matter has been settled. The panel is scheduled to go on as planned, although Doncaster had to put the $500 room rental (this is at the Phoenician, after all) on his personal credit card. He'd like attendees to pony up to defray the costs.

And, he notes, there is no need to register for the convention to attend the panel.

Rand Carlson

Daddy Dearest

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office (www.mcso.org) recently debuted an amusing new feature dubbed "52 Card Pickup." With a click of the mouse, visitors are shown a deck of sheriff's office playing cards and dealt a hand of eight which can be leisurely flipped over to reveal mug shots of deadbeat parents. Like the U.S. military's deck of war criminals, Joe Arpaio reserved the Ace of Spades for the Saddam Hussein of delinquent dads, Joseph Corrigan, whom Arpaio says owes $89,469.43 in child support. Unlike Saddam Hussein, just days after the game debuted on the Web site, Corrigan was captured.

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