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Discomfort in stupidity

"God, I'm going to sound like a beast in print," Lanning says with a laugh, realizing that she'll come off like a geezer who just can't understand the Pokémon generation, now coming of age and guffawing at Dumberer's endless excrement references. "I guess I'm just too serious. I didn't find it funny," Lanning sighs. "It's difficult for me to sit and watch prime time TV. And that's what I feel like I just did.

"I just wish people would strive," she says. She noted that at one point in the film, director Troy Miller threw in a creative dissolve, moving from a letter "T" written on a piece of paper to the goalpost on a football field. "Why bother?" she asks. It made her think that some very talented people had contributed to Dumberer, perhaps just so they could get work on something better later on. But that thought only incensed her more. "I don't forgive that [kind of selling out]," she said. Instead, the moment made her believe that the movie was created by intelligent people who knew better, but designed it for "people that weren't that bright."

Judging by the audience at the Arizona Center, she's probably not far off. Apparently, going by the chortles in the theater, Dumberer contained moments of comic genius. Such as the moment when Harry yells at his dim-witted friend: "I'll give you three words! I did!'"

Kimber Lanning left the theater in a daze.
Tony Ortega
Kimber Lanning left the theater in a daze.

It was an uproarious moment, at least for the fellow sitting a couple of rows back, who repeated the punch line ("I did!") and guffawed.

For Lanning, it was somewhat terrifying that the small audience kept finding so many things to laugh about.

"Not only laughs, but the repeat-the-lines-and-punch-your-buddy laughs. I mean, come on!" she said in astonishment.

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