Letters from the week of June 26, 2003

The child molestation coverups were bad, but I could kind of see that he could worry about the Catholic Church's image. But why -- why -- did he transfer these men to different locations with positions where they still had access to children? He is as nearly as guilty as they are for any crimes committed after the transfer. Then he manages to slip through with no jail-time and still possessing the title of Bishop, and drives away from an accident where he killed someone. Afterward, once arrested, he claims that he thought it may have been a dog or a cat. It would have had to been raining cats and dogs when you see the damage it did to his windshield.

The fact that he was surely forced to step down and the way this will reflect on the church should be secondary. He should step forward, tell the public he has lost his way and does not belong in that position anymore, purely because it is the truth. He should throw himself on the mercy of the courts and accept whatever punishment they delve out as deserved. He should stop lying to the public and himself and spend time reassessing what he himself believes and represents.

Here's the deal and there is really no getting around it. I don't think we should expect musicians to be moral role models. I don't think we should expect actors to be moral role models. I don't even really think we should expect the President to be a moral role model. I do believe someone with the title of Bishop should be of above average moral fiber at a minimum. If not, what does that say about the true purpose of their position?

This man has shown he did not belong in a position of giving spiritual guidance, but rather a person in deep need of guidance. This man has not shown the integrity one would wish of his former position, but the integrity of a clammy handed politician with an untouchable attitude. In truth, I have serious doubts that it was a coincidence that he was the driver involved in this accident. Perhaps where our justice system failed once, it was given a second chance.

Scott R. Gastineau

Police Action

Cop out: I am writing in response to a letter written by Emma Donahue ("Source Material," Letters, June 12). She said that police shootings are based on race, and that there was not enough negativity in the article. I think the article was very well written, and face it Emma, there is more crime in "colored" neighborhoods. It is a proven fact. You cannot blame it on society, or us holding them down. They bring it on themselves. Being poor is not an excuse to be a criminal, do PCP, meth, or threaten police officers. I am sure that there are also white people living in these neighborhoods that have had altercations with police. She herself is being racist assuming that those neighborhoods are all "colored." I am so tired of people spewing rhetorical nonsense about racial profiling, and political correctness. I think Emma should take her Lexus down to south Phoenix and see why there are more police-involved shootings. I bet you she would lock her doors if she were driving down Van Buren at 11p.m.

Angela Davies

Race Relations

Support your local sheriff: I see by your June 12 issue you took the leash off Robert Nelson. ("Heir Apparent") He as usual turned on his computer and forgot to put his brain in gear. Let's set the record straight: Joe did not endorse Napolitano, he defended her. Matt Samon lost because he ran an inept and lackluster campaign.

Joe is not a boozer, skirt chaser or gambler and his wife has no hidden lovers and she doesn't' drink or gamble either. Before Joe Arpaio ever ran for office, this paper was slamming him, and they didn't even know him. I understand your frustrations. Now you are endorsing Mr. Martin a very considerate human being, but what are his qualifications? Joe has spent most of his life in law enforcement. From walking a beat in Washington D.C. to chasing drug dealers in Turkey, all successfully.

Your diatribe about maiming inmates and inhumane conditions are all figments of your warped imaginations and the baloney is not rotten, in fact it's pretty good. You say the state's Republican leaders are sick of him -- well, tough cookies. We rank and file Republicans, Independents and Democrats love him and will reelect him with a plurality!

John E. Ryon

Church Goers

Religious persecution: I forgot how much I like your news reporting. What a refreshing breath of truthfulness over lunch today!

In my opinion, sex-obsessed religious men -- Catholics (read "Judgment Day," Robert Nelson, June 5) and Mormons ("House Rules," John Dougherty, June 5) -- need to be purged like a scourge from our planet.

Should those hypocritical Catholic sexual perverts quit their day jobs? How about they rot in their own version of hell -- not to mention cell? No more plea-bargains -- hello. These are crimes against innocent children! (But pass the collection plate on the way to purgatory, please!!)

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