Letters from the week of June 26, 2003

And those Mormons? They actually control whole cities in Arizona? You've got to be kidding. Does Janet know this? Do they actually receive state tax money? Why aren't the whole lot of those men targeted by whatever legal minds watchdog our state? Get rid of them! Definitely stop funding them!

But I don't want to leave anyone out just because you didn't cover it in this week's issue. Therefore, let's not forget violence-obsessed religious men either -- Christians (think slavery, think abortion clinics, Waco, KKK), Jews (killing innocent journalists right and left on the West Bank today and killing millions throughout history who worshiped "idols" -- my God, just read the Old Testament!), Muslims (what more can be said about them -- I think I'm going to retch) and Confucianists (think Tiananmen Square).

These six religions seem particularly prone to spawning fanatical men who commit crimes against children, women, each other, and all that's good on Earth and society.

Here's a new story idea for you to investigate next week -- why do Buddhists and Taoists have the ability to keep their hands to themselves, their pants on, their knives chopping fresh vegetables, and their guns and bombs -- well, they just don't seem to want any!

Pelauria (Pel) Abbott

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