Gimme Shelter

Michael Senger just wanted to ride out Armageddon. But Pinal County officials didn't like his pot farm, gun stash and half-built bomb shelter

NT: That's silly. How's she going to smoke it with no arms?

Senger: Maybe she could use her foot. And here are my arrest papers. I'm charged with a Class 2 Felony, and it hardly gets any worse than that. I'm looking at about three years hard time in Florence prison.

NT: That's pretty awful. I read in the Queen Valley newspaper that you're a member of a church for which marijuana is a sacrament.

Michael Senger has a problem with building permits.
Kevin Scanlon
Michael Senger has a problem with building permits.

Senger: Right. That's the Ethiopian Zionistic Church, which came into the US in the late '70s, and was destroyed by the drug enforcement administration in 1980. But it's well documented how Jesus healed using cannabis. The incense used in the early Judeo-Christian traditions was cannabis; they were burning it in the churches, and Jesus made a salve out of the stuff. Cannabis was the foundation for most of our modern religions. The use of marijuana is a very spiritual thing; it's about achieving a higher consciousness.

NT: It's not about getting baked and listening to Grateful Dead records?

Senger: Not at all! Especially when you're growing it yourself, for your own use. I use it instead of a lot of the medicines used in our culture, in part because I've pretty much withdrawn from our culture. I just want to be left alone.

NT: With your marijuana. And your guns!

Senger: Yes! All my guns have been taken away since the arrest. I'm lucky not to have a bunch of firearms charges against me.

NT: Okay, so the world is going to end in the next couple weeks?

Senger: Well, there will be many survivors. The world as we know it will probably end before the end of July. It will be caused by a burned out, infrared planet with a red iron dust cloud around it, and trailing a lot of moons.

NT: And this is Planet X?

Senger: Yes. We've known about it for many years, ever since NASA found Nibiru, which is the only planet in our solar system that does the complete orbit around both our suns. We know Planet X is coming, and that it will cause the end of the world, as we know it.

NT: Now, are you talking about the whole world ending? Because I'm planning on being out of town.

Senger: This will happen every place, so you won't be safe no matter where you go. The earth's crust will actually flip over, causing massive earthquakes worldwide. We don't expect there will be any buildings left standing.

NT: I've always wanted to ask this question of someone who believes the world is about to end: What happens if the world doesn't end? What do you say to people?

Senger: Well, I guess I would say, "Life goes on." If it doesn't end, it doesn't end. It's just something you have to intuitively believe, and for me it's something I've always known would happen. It's a transformation, one that gives us a chance to start over again. Which is a good thing for me, because I'm very unhappy with the state of the world right now. We have it pretty good in the US, but most of the people in the world are in pain.

NT: Well, I hope you don't go to jail.

Senger: If the world is still here in August, I might. But we could have a solar flare tomorrow, one coronal mass injection of the appropriate size, and we're all toast. And then I won't have to worry about it.

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