A Scar is born

Matt "Scar" Haugen loves the pain of local extreme wrestling

Van Horn then proceeds to bust open Scar's forehead by attaching a dollar bill to his cranium with a staple gun, implanting several of the metal fasteners into his skin and leaving it awash in blood.

The most spectacular stunt of the 20-minute contest comes when Van Horn peels off Scar's T-shirt and powerbombs his exposed back through four light tubes, which shatter with an audible "pop." The assembled fans show their approval by chanting "H-I-W! H-I-W! H-I-W!"

"Fuck," says Scar, lying incapacitated on the ground amid shards of broken glass. His shoulders and arms are heavily lacerated, bathing his body in a river of crimson red and staining the white medical tape he wrapped around both fists for safety.

Wrapping with medical tape before a match.
Wrapping with medical tape before a match.

Scar attempts to crawl back into the ring on his hands and knees, visibly in great pain, but a group of HIW crewmembers carry him over to the makeshift backstage area and begin washing the blood away with bottled water.

Outrage and Man-Killer B are also on hand, having performed earlier that afternoon in a "Last Man Standing" match, and help care for their friend.

"Fuck water, fuck that shit," Scar says, resistant to their ministrations and eager to return to the match, which continues as Chaos and Wildthing bludgeon each other. Outrage and Man-Killer B are legitimately concerned for his well-being and urge him to remain.

"You're all fucked up, I have to take the glass out," says Man-Killer B, requesting he lay down so she can clean him up.

"It feels as though there's a million glass shards in my back. Get the shit out," Scar says. His friends proceed to pick out the glass impaled in his back with their hands and a pair of pliers. Meanwhile, Scar laughs maniacally and remarks, "Hey . . . that shit tickles!"

He says he isn't bothered about the possibility of infection. "I just have to take a shower and take my antibiotics every six hours." He's more worried with how the match came off. "Oh my God, did that look good?" he asks.

Outrage, who is busy pouring peroxide over Scar's shoulders and then wrapping them with bandages, reassures him, "It looked really good, dude."

Scar surveys his wounds and sees that his two opponents are also a bloody mess.

"Damn that looks beautiful," he says. "I bled more then anyone else, didn't I?"

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