Letters from the week of July 17, 2003

 Abbreviated Response

XOXO from NT: Just read your story ("The Mile High Guys," Jimmy Magahern, July 10). I met my fiancée while I worked for HP (1996-2002). We met in OGG -- I lived here in PHX, she lived in ORD. Knowing that the distance was a non-issue, I didn't even think twice about pursuing the relationship. I was director-level as well, so had PS personal travel. That helped, especially for the Fri-Sun weekends. Of course, three months after we met, I left HP for another company and had to start paying for tickets! But we kept it up, and are getting married in September. She now lives here. Flying? More now than before (due mostly to work). She's Gold and I'm Platinum. Life is good being revenue pax! Again, loved the story. I can totally relate.

Name withheld by request

Editor's note: For those not up on International Airport Code: HP is the carrier designation for America West; PHX is Phoenix; OGG identifies Kahului, Maui; and ORD represents Chicago. In addition, PS designates "positive space," accorded the seating priority of a paying customer or "revenue pax."

Fly-by-Night Outfit

Roxie heartless: I take no pleasure in hearing of the employees who were left somewhat befuddled yet not shocked at the covert departure of RoxSand Scocos ("Ironic Chef," Spiked, July 10). I worked there 10 years ago and, although I am not proud of it, I can honestly take pleasure in the fact that she will finally be viewed more realistically.

True, she rarely cooked (and only for shows) and gave no credit (either verbally or in the many articles praising her culinary genius) to her chefs who propped her up over the years. Her longtime chef at that time was a six-year veteran who asked that he be mentioned in the course of accolades showered upon her; the phrase "like it or leave it" was his cue that it was not going to get better for his culinary career. Though I was not one, longtime employees were treated as the "indoor dog."

Name withheld by request

Marriage License

Bountiful in more ways than one: I have just finished reading your article about polygamy in Arizona and Utah ("Profits of Polygamy," John Dougherty, July 10). I was shocked and appalled to find out about what is going on. I want to thank you for exposing this cult to the world. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, and there have been recent stories about similar happenings in Bountiful, British Columbia. Your work is truly appreciated, and with increasing awareness, I hope things will be done to improve these situations.

Brandy Henrickson
Via e-mail

Prize package: I want to thank you for your efforts in exposing polygamy for what it is -- abuse! You have been very honest in your reporting and also very informative to assist all of us human rights workers who deal with polygamy. I personally believe you deserve a Pulitzer Prize for the work you have done to free the victims of polygamy from the secrets that entomb them.

Carmen Thompson
York, Pennsylvania

Wrestle Mania

Scar tissue: As a fan of professional wrestling, I was very curious to read Benjamin Leatherman's article about local wrestler Matt ("Scar") Haugen called, punningly typical of New Times' titlemeisters, "A Scar Is Born" (July 3). His freakishly high tolerance of pain suggests the possibility of serious neurological disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, or maybe even abnormal complications of high blood pressure. Any one of these afflictions could disqualify Scar from professional wrestling, not because of "unfair advantage," but because of the potential for threat to his life. That would scare me, and it should scare Scar, too!

I applaud Scar for his athletic expertise and obvious fortitude. But I wonder how those who passively enable his life to be put in jeopardy might feel if Scar's scars ever become too deep or too deadly.

Scott Hume
Via e-mail

Jury Rigged

Mob mentality: Juries are invariably turning in death sentences because they are a mob ("Off With Their Heads," Paul Rubin, June 26). Mobs have no conscience. The intelligence level of a group of people goes down as their numbers increase. It is far easier to agree with a bunch of other people than to stand against them.

Mary K. Croft
Casa Grande

Altared states: Duped by Mary Durand, the hired lackey for our county's finest defense attorneys. New Times, even your scandal sheet should be ashamed of itself for printing such nonsense. What could make defense attorneys or Mary Durand think they possibly know how society should treat its worst murderers and career criminals? Innocent altar boys they are not and never were. Digging up irrelevant social facts or fantasies from the offender's distant past may or may not have anything whatsoever to do with why a murder was committed years later.

Mary Durand knows these titillating social revelations, whether real or fantasy, might just allow her altar boy a chance to escape the gallows, so dig them up or concoct them as necessary is what she likely does. If she can't find an altar boy murderer, then take this criminal and make him one more victim of society and hope for the best. If the devil did not make him do it, society must have.

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