Freak Out

Freak show front man Jeremy Kinison goes to extraordinary lengths for fame

Other than South American gigs, it's the tattoo and piercing conventions at which he prefers performing. "Those people treat me like a rock star," he says, explaining that the crowd tends to be more educated about certain stunts he does and are aware of the technical difficulty involved. "They know I'm using the biggest nail, that Anna has the best bed of nails."

Bars and conventions kept the Cut Throat Freak Show performing about 300 nights last year, says Kinison, who charges $100 for local gigs, $500 plus travel and expenses for out-of-state bookings, and $1,500 for televised appearances. Business has been good since the Freak Show's inception in 2000, and Kinison is hopeful for the future as he and the other performers push themselves to excel.

Strange character: Steven Strange walks on broken glass.
Susan Jordan
Strange character: Steven Strange walks on broken glass.

"We're really trying to take stunts that other shows do and just do them a hell of a lot better," he says, adding that success here will hopefully lead to a European tour in the near future as well. "I would like us to be remembered as the show that pushed it just a little bit further," he says. "Either in Europe, or here, we want to be the best."

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