Letters from the week of July 31, 2003

After reading your article, I really wanted to show my support for Mr. Bailey and I hope that the last suspect is captured soon. People like that should not be allowed on the streets. Deep down I hope that the people that Mr. Bailey knows will allow him to get satisfaction. I know some of same kind of people myself. Even though I don't associate with them, I know that they would do whatever I asked them to do in this kind of situation. I know that this might not be politically correct, but I hope these guys get what they deserve when they get to prison!

Name withheld by request

A new fan: I am writing just to let you know how much I enjoy your paper. I moved here two years ago from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and I have been reading New Times since I first laid eyes on it. It is nice to have a paper to read that isn't afraid to piss people off and to make people think. In many ways your articles have brought to light things that the general public doesn't get to hear about. Thank you!

Also in reference to Susy Buchanan's article regarding the Skinhead Slayer, my heart goes out to Mr. Bailey and his family. I do hope that justice is served one way or the other. Excellent article! Thank you for your time, dear staff of New Times.

Tianne Pitz
Apache Junction

Judge Not

Long Row to hoe: When it comes to writing thank you's, most of us are lazy.

Know that there are many here on the Row who appreciate your continued coverage concerning Death Row and the death penalty issues in Arizona ("Off With Their Heads," Paul Rubin, June 26). Your article hits the nail of justice on the judges' head.

Having been through the death penalty system, I can assure you it would be less painful and cheaper for all concerned if the judges would allow the defense the time and money to proceed properly, the first time.

George Kayer

Cover Your Asbestos

Eyes wide shut: In response to the asbestos being dumped at the Fort Grant prison ("Outlaw Dumping," Robert Nelson, June 12), I can't imagine what type of so-called human being would order this done. Whoever ordered or covered it up needs to be sentenced to a month in the asbestos field with no protection. (An eye for an eye.)

Peggy Davis
Via e-mail

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