Letters from the week of August 7, 2003

Christy Zandlo

Dennnis the Menace

Out to lunch: I was waiting for my lunch companion. Dennnis Skolnick was blabbing away ("Dinnner' Companion," Spiked, July 24), blowing smoke up the new eatery owner's ass. He argued and ranted and denied it was intimidation.

I was embarrassed for Tempe. "How can I recommend your place if I don't know if it is good or not?" He would not take no for an answer. The owner was trying to get rid of him but Dennnis blabbed on. He had quite the list of former jobs. I calculated him to be 175 years old to have done all that he claimed.

Finally, the guy gave in. He gave him a sample entree. Dennnis said something very sage and incisive re: the freebie: "This is good."

Dennnis is a blight on Tempe streets. He was dropping names of people I am sure would rather be left out of his diatribes.

Name withheld by request

Taking Issue

The court of public opinion: How sad it is that those who did not agree with Mary Durand and/or support the death penalty, regardless of the defendant's individual history and background, were too cowardly to have their names printed along with their letters in the July 17 issue. Since it is the United States and Arizona supreme courts that have issued directions to those who impose or do not impose the death penalty as to what information they must consider, the attacks on Ms. Durand were off base and sadly uneducated. Ms. Durand doesn't make up the rules, she just follows them. Or at least she tries, when she's not being thwarted in her efforts. And anyone who thinks either mitigation specialists or attorneys get rich on death penalty cases is living on another planet.

I double-dare the people who sent those "anonymous" letters to make themselves known. Again, I say you are cowards, not for voicing your opinions, but for not having sufficient conviction in your beliefs to let the world know who you are.

Eleanor L. Miller

Skin Deep

Dumb and dumberer: I enjoyed reading your story "Skinhead Slayer." This is a great follow-up to "Local Hero." I believe this story further reinforces the ignorance, stupidity and evil of the skinhead movement. I fully support Cole Bailey Sr.'s determination to put away these sick, twisted, mindless, stupid, ignorant wastes of human space. No matter what it takes.

I agree with an eye for an eye, and I believe that the individuals who committed this senseless murder should die no less tragically than Cole Bailey Jr. did. Receiving a death sentence and dying by lethal injection is too good in comparison to what they did to Cole Bailey Jr. It's about time someone went after these mongrels, but too bad it takes this sort of tragic event to make it happen.

Good for you, Cole Bailey Sr. I praise you for taking action but I am sorry that it took the death of your son to push you to this point.

Name withheld by request

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