Letters from the week of August 14, 2003

Wade Jones

Manhattan Transfer

Escape from New York: In Don Russell's defense, I sense there is a trace of bragging rights in us all ("Brotherly Love Fest," Speakeasy, Robrt L. Pela, July 24). Phoenicians everywhere were once tortured by my constant Manhattan boasting. With news of my relocation, I could not fathom the idea of not having a Starbucks on every corner, yellow New York City taxicabs, and Chinese takeout delivered personally to your doorstep at 3 a.m. I'll admit moving from the Manhattan scene to the Phoenix area was definitely hard to swallow. What wasn't, however, was the luscious fry bread discovered by yours truly. And that, my friend, by no means can be found on the corner of 42nd Street and Broadway.

Thaisi H. Velasquez

Cole Hearted

Crime and punishment: Kudos to Cole Bailey Sr. ("Skinhead Slayer," Susy Buchanan, July 17). I think he is handling it in a well-mannered situation. I feel in some cases you should be able to take the law into your own hands. Why is it that when a crime is committed, the guilty are protected better than the victims are? I know that people are "innocent until proven guilty." If the evidence proves it was that person, send them away. The crime should fit the punishment. If you kill, rape, molest, the same exact thing should be done to you; that is why it is called an eye for an eye.

There shouldn't be any rhyme or reason they be allowed to appeal a thing. And these heartfelt bleeders who don't think a life should be taken, what if the tables were turned on you? You wouldn't be smoking a cigar with that person who just hurt your loved one. I know I wouldn't, I would want vengeance.

Again, Mr. Bailey, kudos to you! I hope that Mr. Bailey gets his peace.

Name withheld by request

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