Fried Glam

How Blanche Davidian won over skinheads with Cantonese, and other tales

In their depression and soul-searching, Hawk and Monistat 7 talked about forming bands, only to have those plans fizzle. For a while, Monistat 7 moved back to his native Hawaii, where he scuba-dived and did nearly nothing productive. It wasn't until Hawk trained to become a recording engineer that the story began to change. At a school in California, Hawk met Osmond, also a Valley guy. When they returned, the two sought to invest in equipment and get some ideas rolling.

"The whole thing started out as a project," Hawk says.

He invited Monistat 7 to participate, and between the three vagabonds, they created the entirety of Attack of the Killer. It was enough of a stunner for them to turn it into a real band, which is when Vodka and Jass were invited to participate.

Okay-mag-a-hoy. Oy!: Blanche Davidian says close the darn door.
Matt Garcia
Okay-mag-a-hoy. Oy!: Blanche Davidian says close the darn door.


Blanche Davidian
Emerald Lounge, 1514 North Seventh Avenue

Blanche is now recording a follow-up four-song EP called The Five Muscatels and is looking to launch regional tours and attract interest from labels. The new music, Hawk says, should reflect the fact they're now a working band, with crunchier sound, rawer arrangements, but perhaps not quite as much kitsch.

"In retrospect, thank God those other things didn't work out, because this is much more fulfilling," Monistat 7 says with a sincere smile.

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