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This new column's got it all, including a crack-crazed ferret

You really couldn't miss him.

And, in fact, an apparently drunken driver did not.

The man drove his older model Dodge van right into the front of Geffre's patrol car at what police estimated to be 30 to 40 miles per hour.

The thin blue line: Alex Feminia
Paul Rubin
The thin blue line: Alex Feminia

"I looked up and all I saw was lights," the injured officer told squad mates as he lay strapped to a medic's backboard on the sidewalk after firefighters had to remove him from the seriously smashed-in vehicle.

A nurse who lives near the accident scene at 77th Avenue and Osborn rushed out and tended to Geffre until fire department medics arrived. He was taken to the hospital but released after doctors determined he, luckily, sustained only minor injuries. The cruiser's airbag helped cushion much of the impact.

The other driver, who needed no help getting out of his vehicle and spent much of the evening in the back of a police car, was also transported to a hospital and treated for minor injuries. (You know what they say about drunks: They're never the ones who get hurt.) He faces charges of endangerment.

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