Letters from the week of September 4, 2003

Samuel T. Holdren

Straight eye for the queer guys: "To have and to hold: Tod Keltner and Don Standhardt want their walk down the aisle." This was the caption above the picture beside the article about gay marriage. I am a straight woman who doesn't really have an opinion of gay life one way or the other, but I firmly believe that gays have a right to their life. Whatever life they choose. It disgusts me that we not only pay for criminals to live, we have made it their constitutional right to marry and procreate while in prison. What kind of society allows that to happen, but will not allow upstanding, productive members of that society to marry, have children, and simply live in peace merely based on their sexual orientation? There are many other sexual orientations out there that aren't of popular opinion, but they are allowed to marry. Cross-dressers aren't all gay; they can marry. "Johns" are not only allowed to marry, they usually are married. Prostitutes, current or former, are allowed to marry. S&Mers are mainly straight; they can marry. Child molesters, although marked for life, are allowed to marry. I don't understand why we are punishing gays. Anyone? Enlighten me, please, because I don't see this policy of discrimination as a fundamental part of freedom. For that reason, I hope that Tod and Don win their case and have the biggest damn wedding this country has ever seen.

J. Arthur
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Signs of the times: It's gratifying to know that mayoral candidate Phil Gordon's "longtime passion" is "improving the quality of life in Phoenix neighborhoods" ("The Invisible Man," Robert Nelson, August 21).

My question would have to be, if that is true, would he please direct his campaign staff to stop installing hundreds of 18" x 24" political signs reading "Phil Gordon Mayor" on City of Phoenix property in violation of the City of Phoenix sign ordinance -- which exists to protect those same neighborhoods from visional clutter? Just wondering.

Thomas G. Schroer

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