Shut Up, Andy!

ASU journalism prof vows to boycott luncheon honoring Rooney

If any kind of boycott makes headway, though, the school could take a significant hit. The school's interim director, Steve Doig, says he might sit down with faculty members -- including Bruce Merrill and Craig Allen, who told New Times they were supportive of Russomanno but unsure of whether they would boycott -- to discuss the situation. Others in the school are taking a wait-and-see approach.

"I think that faculty are waiting for the event to draw near before they make a decision to boycott," says Allen, who teaches broadcast news reporting, among other courses, at ASU, and is a close friend of Russomanno. He adds that the situation could be easily defused if Rooney explained his comments further before the event, and engaged in some sort of discussion with ASU faculty.

But Rooney refuses.

"I've already said it was a dumb thing to say," Rooney tells New Times. "I doubt I'll make any public apology for it."

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