Letters from the week of September 18, 2003

Well, I have read the letters that say that gay men abused a little girl (okay, sounds more like a sexually frustrated bi-male with emotional issues) and the letters asking who would pay child support (who pays it now?). Mostly I have to wonder something.

If gay or lesbian couples are hurting someone, would they not be hurting them whether they are married or single? I mean, consider this, people: If a married couple is financially responsible for their children, taxes and all other aspects of their lives, would not the gay/lesbian couple have the same responsibility? As it stands now, if a gay or lesbian couple splits up, who gets the kids and the bills? The biological parent of the children.

Okay, now to children. Across the United States, gay/lesbian homes have adopted and cared for and loved children that so-called straight compassionate Christians had no desire to help. These homes are scrutinized in the same fashion as straight homes and, unlike straight homes, they take the children who truly need homes.

Before we judge, we must ask ourselves if it is really our business. Does it really matter to anyone but the couple? I doubt it.

Lori Trevino
Via e-mail

God's will: As a regular reader, I have watched over the years how, as a "united" people, we have run each other down for our beliefs. Finally, it has become too much for me to bear and I must comment. As a Christian, we make mistakes. We are not actually Christ, we are Christians. We unfortunately lie, steal, cheat, molest and have adulterous relationships (did I miss anything?) just like other human beings. The difference is that we hold ourselves and others to a higher standard, and we try to attain that standard. Again and again and again. We shouldn't hate anyone, ever. Skin color, sexual orientation, race or religion shouldn't matter; true Christians are about showing others the love of Christ. We hate the sin but love the sinner.

On same-sex marriages: God's word calls these relationships a sin and because I believe His word, I think that it is wrong for same-sex couples to raise children and teach them by example to violate God's will. Life is hard enough without bucking the Almighty God. That being said, lying or stealing is a sin and I would not want a child to be raised by parents who condone these acts, either. I love my gay brothers and lesbian sisters, and I apologize to anyone who has been wronged in the name of Christ.

On the subject of our civil rights: This country was founded on the principles of Christianity. Please feel free to not worship or worship as you see fit. However, if you don't like the American way and what that has represented for more than 200 years, please feel free to go some other place and leave this country alone. God loves you.

Brian Mooney
Queen Creek

A public outing: In search of less conservative rhetoric, I usually look forward to reading your publication. However, your writers' credibility is fast diminishing since I read your August 28 issue. Michael Lacey's column on gay marriage was shrill in tone and unrealistic. I was offended at his poor attempt at "outing" any public figure. Just because the governor and the attorney general don't fall under his criteria of gender norms doesn't make them gay. As for leadership on the issue, the gay community's support of marriage is mixed. Mr. Lacey, you don't see any leadership on this issue from the gay community or anywhere else because there isn't any. There's a reason for that and it's not the governor or attorney general's fault. I don't know of any politician in Arizona, including the openly gay ones, who would take this issue to the Legislature or to the people's vote without a public mandate.

As for Susy Buchanan's article on Jessica Florez, I was offended by the extreme bias and the portrayal of Florez as an immature, ambitious, fame-seeking politician. (What elected official could pass that test?) I don't know Florez. I know Phil Gordon and Tom Simplot a little better. My experience with most politicians is that they don't take risks unless they have a majority of support and then they take credit when they join the majority. Perhaps your writers would do well to write less hyperbole and could benefit from a course in Arizona Politics 101. Until then I will search the Net for better news coverage.

Dilia Loe

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