Letters from the week of September 25, 2003

Name withheld by request

Domestic gods: Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for recognizing our store, Domestic Bliss, in Best of Phoenix ("Best Place to Be Shabby Chic")! It means a lot to us to be acknowledged by New Times! We put our hearts and souls into our business, doing everything we can to set our store apart from the rest. Sometimes we wonder why we kill ourselves to get every detail just so, but it all seems worth it when it is appreciated by others -- especially by the best of the "Best Of's"!

Dan and Kristin Alber

Ruthless People

A legend in his own mind: Great article on this Abe Ruthless guy ("Ruthless Journey," Brendan Joel Kelley, September 18). I'm so proud you've made my son a media star in his own mind. Now, if only he'd earn a little money doing what he loves rather than making sandwiches at Kinder's Meats and Deli. Perhaps your article will arouse more public condemnation of him and his music, which, of course, is a good thing because it's only rock 'n' roll and we like it.

By the way, the fact that he exhibits a sometimes comparison to Mick Jagger is because when he was a little guy, I always told both him and his brother that it was like this: "Stones, good. Beatles, bad." It worked, thank God.

Howard Alexander
Via e-mail

Special Interests

Holding the Fort: It seriously disturbs me that the military contracts and the bill seem to be intertwined ("River Gamble," John Dougherty, September 18). If, for example, these interests are indeed set in Fort Huachuca, then why are they not already in place and running? Are they going to provide jobs to local people? If Rick Renzi is not considering his father's interests, then why are they waiting for the bill to pass before these contracts are up and running?

I am not surprised by the lack of environmental awareness, just appalled by the lack of forethought and planning. If they destroy that delicate ecosystem, they will never be able to restore it. I, for one, am tired of seeing the places that I grew up loving destroyed by so-called progress.

It is not progress to make your environment unlivable. It is progress to not allow growth in areas where there is not enough water to support the growth. And this means we, as people, have to look ahead, past the possibility of incomes now, to the responsibility of lives later.

Lori Trevino
Via e-mail

Staff Infection

Skirt chaser: The only thing that would be better for the youth at ADJC is if the rest of Dave Gaspar's circle of terror leaves as well ("Gentle Exit," Amy Silverman, August 21). This would include Joe Taylor, Loren Petta, Tom Gronski, EV Veloz, Tony Barrios and the like. This team and Gaspar deserve a great deal of praise: They have the blood of three youths on their hands, they have youths who are self-abusing and needing constant hospitalization, they have a staff turnover rate that is incredibly high, they have demoralized staffers and they have an agency that has run amok. Maybe they should be praised for this; after all, isn't this how criminals should be handled? Oh, wait: These kids have never been found guilty of a crime, they have been civilly committed. Guess being neighbors with the governor did have some advantages.

As a former employee, I breathe a sigh of relief for the kids and staff at ADJC -- the wicked witch is dead. Now if a few more leave, the kids may start to get the help they so desperately need.

As to you, Gaspar, I once had a great deal of faith in you. You, however, chose to surround yourself with terrible behaving people. These people have done horrific things to kids and you did not stop them. Then when the heat became too much, you did not act like a man at all, you hid behind the skirts of Janet and your wife. Shame on you.

Name withheld by request

Food Chain

Johnny come lately: I had yet to read a review of Johnny Chu's restaurant Fate that does the wonderful place justice -- that is, until I recently read your amazing review ("Fate Accompli," Carey Sweet, August 7). I eat there about twice a week, and after I read the Arizona Republic review I was baffled. I could not understand where the critic was coming from. It was completely ridiculous.

I came upon your review afterward and was delighted to see that Phoenix does have critics who know what they are talking about. I think your review was dead accurate and it perfectly embodied the spirit of Johnny's place. Just thought I would give you a quick e-mail to let you know that I was impressed with your review and appreciate people like you in our community.

Leger Stecker

As Fate would have it: Recently, for the first time in years, I bought a weekday edition of the Arizona Republic. I had long forgotten that Wednesday was food day.

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