Letters from the week of September 25, 2003

Do their staffers have great jobs, or what? Cut-and-paste the recipe from a book, write a paragraph of your own, maybe expense a receipt from Bashas', and receive a week's pay. As always, it seems, the Republic (and other cellulose rags) shamelessly follows New Times' lead. Notably, investigative political news. But also your Cafe column.

I read the Food & Drink section's colorful instructions on how to prepare pad thai. I was about to toss the section into my recycle basket, but the front page caught my eye. (I always read the Republic from back to front, not because I'm Japanese but because that's how the paper's relevance seems to be organized.) Howard Seftel was reviewing Fate.

I regret reading it. The man needs some good food like he needs a good lay. Even so, I was struck by the gap between his and your opinion. I don't know, could be just Seftel's vindictive pooh-pooh toward New Times.

Name withheld by request

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