Personal Foul

Jim Irvin should give up using taxpayers' money as a political football

Particularly gross in Irvin's resignation letter last week was his assertion that he was stepping down because "the unreasonable charges against me" were taking a toll on his wife and family.

The letter painted a picture of a poor, helpless spouse suffering a few too many nasty comments while picking up Jim's pork loins at the corner Bashas'.

The truth is: The only innocent in that deal is probably Bashas', which might want to recheck the signatures on her checks.

Jim Irvin
Jim Irvin

McDonald will reveal further details on Irvin's odd intervention in the commission's investigation of securities violations by American National Mortgage. Irvin first recused himself from the investigation because a brother of one of his campaign consultants worked for American National. But after recusing himself, Irvin showed up at an American National hearing anyway to drill the commission for investigating the mortgage firm. It was later revealed that Irvin's consultant, to whom Irvin paid an amazing $50,250, also was receiving payments from American National.

If Irvin had shown the least bit of contrition throughout the unraveling of his deceits, perhaps the upcoming unveiling of McDonald's report wouldn't provoke such glee.

Instead, Irvin says he will be suing the state. He wants you to pay $60.5 million for his misdeeds. That's maybe 150 new teachers or cops or CPS workers lost.

That's why he's No. 1 in my poll.

And that's just another reason he should be No. 1 on U.S. Attorney Paul Charlton's Most Wanted List. In the coming weeks, Charlton likely will have on his desk all he needs for criminal charges, charges he inexplicably passed on a few months ago.

If Charlton fumbles again, he himself might deserve a major bowl bid alongside Irvin.

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