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Apocalyptic art and an artist's true identity

Desert Dream City #2
Annabel Livermore
Desert Dream City #2


Continues through November 1, 2003. 480-941-1811.
Cline Fine Art, 4200 North Marshall Way, Scottsdale

While many of Annabel Livermore's phantasmic paintings speak of apocalypse and revelation, they also herald escape and redemption. Unfortunately, several of Miss Livermore's delicate floral watercolors, thrown heedlessly into the middle of this show without regard to their utter lack of relevance to the rest of the exhibition's work, lose their luster when set cheek to jowl with her beefy oil paintings. This is even more nonsensical when one discovers that two large, gothically framed landscape paintings from Miss Livermore's highly acclaimed Big Bend Series, I - XVIII -- infinitely more logical companions to the other oils on display -- are languishing in the gallery's back storage area. Maybe I'm crazy, but disaster and daffodils, at least in this show, just don't mix.

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