Letters from the week of October 23, 2003

Jared Smith

Shock Wave

Poor taste: I was engrossed by the investigative reporting on Katheryn Howard ("Dying for Love," Paul Rubin, September 25). It was a well-written article. As shocking as the story was, however, nothing prepared me for the bad taste shown by New Times when I turned to the last page and was hit by the three large pictures of Ms. Howard's cadaver. The description in the narrative was sufficient; there was no need, other than prurient journalistic sensationalism and extremely bad taste, to publish these pictures. It is an assault on the reader as well as an inexcusable indignity to this tragic affair and the memory of this poor woman.

Kathleen Williamson

Radio Gaga

Music fan: Congratulations on a wonderful story ("Ghost Radio," Jimmy Magahern, September 18)! I have put 103.1 in my station lineup on my car stereo, and about the only time I put it on anything else is when reception goes out because of my location. I had described it to people as kind of like early KDKB, so I find it interesting that I am not the only one who saw that parallel. I do have to say that this station is not unique, though. In the summer of '97, I worked at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and I happened to discover a very similar station being broadcast out of Williams. About the only difference was that the station ID would run over the top of the music when the hour came up, but you could barely hear it even when there happened to be a blank spot, so it really didn't ruin the music.

This is what music radio should be about -- music! No DJs walking all over the beginning or end of a song when they should just shut up for a few extra seconds. Nobody interrupts the music to tell me that I am in the middle of an "uninterrupted block of nonstop music" (so why did they interrupt?). No Howard Stern, no screaming car commercials. Just music. About the only reason I would even want a live person on the other end is that sometimes these tracks go so deep into rock history that I have no idea what the song was called, let alone who recorded it, but I think I can live with that minor inconvenience.

Once again, great story, and a special thank you to Ted Tucker, my new hero, for providing me one of the most unpredictable (thank God!) radio stations I have ever listened to!

Mike Wells

Prisoner of love: I am writing to say how happy I am with your newspaper article, "Ghost Radio." The radio station KCDX 103.1 is great with all the really neat music. We work on a bus, collecting blood, and listen to the station on a regular basis. They play wonderful music. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Do you really think the correctional department thing is true?

Jeffrey L. Knapp

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