Head Case

Who's zapping Brian H.?

NT: I don't know that I believe you. Have you called the police?

Brian: Yes, but they stop zapping me when the police arrive. I called the police so often they finally said, "If you call one more time we're going to arrest you and force you to take a psychiatric exam." They thought I was crazy.

NT: Perhaps they're right. Have you spoken to a psychiatrist?

Oh, my aching head: Brian H. says someone is making his gray matter black and blue.
Emily Piraino
Oh, my aching head: Brian H. says someone is making his gray matter black and blue.

Brian: I was sleeping in my car one morning and there was a woman in an SUV who started zapping me as soon as I woke up. So I called 911, and they asked me to submit to a psychiatric exam. I did, and the doctor ended up telling me that he knew I was telling the truth, that these people really were following me around with some sort of head-zapping agenda. It's harassment. And it's the perfect crime, because there are no fingerprints or bullets.

NT: What are you going to do about it?

Brian: I've tried losing them, I've driven up to Utah, to Nevada. But I think they're following me with a tracking device. Maybe if I went up in an airliner and then parachuted out of the emergency exit, that might be a way to get away from them. They're evil incarnate. They're trying to make me ill. I went to Flagstaff, and they started using a device on me that sends out a high, shrill sound that causes diarrhea, so I can't hold any food inside. Before, when I was in Phoenix, they were using a device that caused constipation.

NT: Sometimes just living in Phoenix can do that to you. What are these things here?

Brian: A friend of mine suggested I buy this steel helmet, and I wear it when I drive, because people will pull up alongside me and blast me. At night, I sleep with it over my head, which seems to help a lot. And these here are headphones that block sound, but they're kind of hard to wear with the helmet.

NT: And you wear these when you drive.

Brian: Yes, mostly when I'm on the interstates. But they've found a way to get inside my vehicle, even when I sleep in front of well-lighted Wal-Marts. I woke up one morning and I had wood tick bites all over me. Someone had broken into my car while I slept and poured wood ticks on me. So now I duct tape my car locks, and I put motion sensors inside my car.

NT: How come we can't show your face or use your whole name?

Brian: I wanted to get the word out about this, because it could be happening to others. But I'm worried that I might make things worse for myself by revealing my identity. These people are like Nazis; if they don't like the way you walk, or if you're a single male, they'll zap you. It's a form of domestic terrorism. They're going to reduce you to pulp, where you're in a mental institution in a padded cage.

NT: Maybe you're crazy.

Brian: Do I seem that way to you?

NT: Gosh, no! But have you thought about medication? That might help.

Brian: I don't think there's any pill that will stop this, because it goes right through walls and through your skull and into your brain. Even if I check into a motel, there's someone in the next room who has one of these devices pointed at me. Other than living in a steel building with a steel roof, which would get really hot, I don't know what to do.

NT: I'm starting to get nervous. These people you talk about could be sitting right outside the door. That woman over there could have a brain-zapper in her purse. How do I know this won't start happening to me?

Brian: You don't! An article I read on the Internet said that they're targeting single men. So you're safe if you're married. Maybe they're a feminist organization, opposed to men. Every time I eat in a restaurant, one of them comes in and sits close to me and I have to move in the middle of every meal. I know this sounds nuts, but I'm not making this up. This is really happening. It's real. And any one of us could be the next target.

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