Morality Tale

If you listen to your boyfriend and do drugs, you could wind up in pink boxers. Like, Ew!

NT: Maybe because they knew they were going home in a couple hours.

Dobbs: Yeah. It's kind of hard to trick kids these days. I think this program works for kids, but it depends on their mindset. It really convinced me that I don't want to do anything that would send me to jail.

NT: Teens are naughtier today than when I was young.

Scared even straighter: LeeAnn Dobbs
Emily Piraino
Scared even straighter: LeeAnn Dobbs

Dobbs: Probably not. Kids today have more knowledge of bad things, is the deal. They have more access to bad things. We're more sophisticated, and we know about more ways to be bad. That's all.

NT: Is it because of all the slutty teen girl role models you're exposed to, like Britney and Christina?

Dobbs: I wouldn't call Christina Aguilera slutty. She's acting; it's a persona.

NT: What about Britney?

Dobbs: I don't think she's a slut, either. I think it's pretty gross that she smokes, though.

NT: Did you make any friends in prison?

Dobbs: Uh, not that I'd keep in touch with, no. I met some sentenced juvenile girls, that was pretty sobering. One of the girls was fried from drugs, and she'd already been to jail 14 times. This time she was in for stabbing someone in the back in the shower. There was a 17-year-old girl who started out ditching school, and then she was doing drugs, and now she's in jail. She was in there for robbery, she was serving a couple of months. Now, that may not seem like a big deal, but when you're in jail, a couple months is a long time.

NT: Did you get to meet Sheriff Arpaio?

Dobbs: Oh, yeah! He came into our cell with some of his officers, and talked to us about why we were in jail. He was pretty funny.

NT: He certainly is. I read that he does surprise searches as part of this program.

Dobbs: Yeah, after we went to sleep. I got the top bunk, which was very uncomfortable. Right after we fell asleep, they brought in the dogs to do a fake search. We had to line up and put our hands on our heads and stare at the wall while the dogs searched the tents.

NT: What did they find?

Dobbs: They found some lady's car keys.

NT: Any advice to teens about staying on the straight and narrow?

Dobbs: Well, don't hang out with big partyers, because if you do, you wind up at one of those parties where the police show up. Stay with all-American kids. We don't have the kind of goals that lead you to prison.

NT: What goals are those?

Dobbs: I want to go to ASU and get an MBA. I'm going to be the CEO of my own major corporation.

NT: Careful. CEOs of major corporations sometimes wind up in jail. What kind of company will you own?

Dobbs: Um, maybe a makeup company. Or else a fashion magazine, and I'd be the editor.

NT: I guess the moral to the story is be good, and you won't end up in pink underwear.

Dobbs: And an ugly striped jumper! One girl said that the reason she was in jail was because she was fried on drugs and she let her boyfriend talk her into doing robberies and stuff. So, really, the moral is don't do drugs and don't listen to your boyfriend! Because that combination can really mess you up.


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