Suicide Squeeze is this punk-rock kid's wet dream come true

Ten years ago, DIY porn magazines were scarce and Internet porn was in its infancy, but if you were a punk-rock boy with a pile of Hustlers or Barely Legals around, you were pinned squarely in the rapists' camp. There wasn't pornography that fit the punk-rock/independent aesthetic. Today the alterna-kids are building entire communities around pornography.

SuicideGirls is capitalizing on its idiosyncratic "lifestyle brand," partnering with record companies and bands for promotions, marketing SuicideGirls apparel and merchandise (Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl has been photographed with an SG sticker on his guitar, Atmosphere's MC Slug has been caught onstage sporting an SG hoodie), developing a coffee-table book and DVD, and sending the SuicideGirls Burlesque Tour across America. They'll need the momentum; in the wake of its success, imitators have proliferated, and its predecessors, like and, have benefited from SuicideGirls' popularity (I've found that is a great compendium of DIY erotic sites).

I'm waiting eagerly for the SuicideGirls Burlesque Tour to get here. I'm sure I'll be amongst my peers there, similarly aged punk-rock boys looking to relive our youth vicariously through the fresher, freer generation baring its flesh. It's okay to admit that we like looking at naked girls; it's just too goddamn bad it took a decade of shame for us to figure that out. -- By Brendan Joel Kelley

Jetta, one of the girls you'll meet on
Jetta, one of the girls you'll meet on


The SuicideGirls Burlesque Tour
Big Fish Pub, 1954 East University in Tempe

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