Gun Shy

Phoenix police are shooting a lot fewer people

But several other law enforcement agencies are meeting resistance from their local governments. Paradise Valley only has two Tasers, for example. Tempe and Scottsdale have been slow to upgrade. The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office also has been shortchanged by county supervisors for Taser purchases. Some sheriff's deputies carry Tasers they bought with their own money.

I never thought I'd say this: Sheriff Joe Arpaio clearly deserves a little more financial love from his governing board. In this case.

As do all police agencies meeting resistance as they push for full and intelligent deployment of the X-26.

The new X-26 Taser weighs less than half as much as its predecessor.
Jackie Mercandetti
The new X-26 Taser weighs less than half as much as its predecessor.

Especially considering the new numbers emerging from the Phoenix Police Department, numbers that suggest that after years of increasing violence between officers and the public, there now exists a way to avoid the widespread pain that comes when an officer shoots a citizen.

Is the X-26 an absolute magic bullet? Of course not. But Phoenix has proved it's the best tool out there. And when the matter is life or death, all of the state's police and the people they serve deserve the best tools available.

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