Hot Pink Perdition

The night crew checks out an after-hours hot spot

"You sell yourself on eBay?"

"No, the shirt," he twitters. "I am from Mexico. I go to ASU."

"What are you studying?"


"I want to be an ac-tor, so I work on my English."

He looks vaguely familiar. "Were you in Menudo?"

"Nooooo, you silly!"

Allie Cat drops Toni Basil's "Mickey." What's next, Wang Chung?

"I'm starting to feel nauseous," I tell Jett. "Wish she'd play something better from back then. Some Cars, maybe."

Looking alarmed, Jett scolds, "If you faint, you're on your own. I'd never be able to lift 300 pounds of manly flesh. I'm only a girl."

A girl . . . right. Jett leads me to my car, where, safe inside, I wash out my ears with some Neptunes.

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Ella Birt
Ella Birt

this article still rocks! i was trying to illustrate to my husband, 9 years my junior, what Hot Pink was like compared to today's dance nights. this article did a great job of that - and, i can see how your writing has grown over the years Stephen. we are lucky to have you in the community.

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