The Mouth That Should've Roared

Because Hugh Hallman went suddenly silent, Tempe wound up losing the Cardinals and the Fiesta Bowl

"If it's a choice of Hugh [for mayor of Tempe] or none of the above, pick none of the above," advises Dan Barr, a First Amendment attorney who is a partner at Brown & Bain.

While Hallman denies he ever impersonated a partner, he acknowledges that, because of the way he carries himself, some clients may have assumed he was a senior attorney.

About a Circle K case on which he worked, he says, "The employees thought I was the most senior lawyer working [at Brown & Bain] despite the fact I was second to last. It was just that I move with such confidence, I guess."

The many faces of Hugh Hallman.
photos by Kevin Scanlon
The many faces of Hugh Hallman.
With Dennis Cahill, at least we know what to expect.
Kevin Scanlon
With Dennis Cahill, at least we know what to expect.

Too bad he didn't display that patented swagger when it came to standing up to his City Hall colleagues on the SRP deal. Dennis Cahill may not be the ideal mayor for Tempe, but at least we know what to expect from his years of kowtowing to Giuliano.

With a sidewinder like Hallman, you never can tell.

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"Sad thing is, such two-faced behavior is nothing new for Hallman." 2004Unfortunately for the families at Tempe Prep, who are now the recipients of his duplicity.He continues this behavior, playing politics at the academy. His long time friend, now has a seat on the Board. He represents himself to the public as having been the academy's attorney for a long time, when he was only hired for one purpose in 2005, according to the public record. Other attorneys were hired for purposes Hallman claims were in his purview. 2011Some behaviors are enduring.

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