Tour de Force

A user's guide to Art Detour

If there is a criticism to be made of Art Detour, it is that much of the art is very young -- which, frankly, in a lot of cases means not very good. And sometimes, very bad. For some, the idea that just about anybody can be an artist during Art Detour -- or, for that matter, any day of the year in Phoenix -- is the beauty of the experience. The juried show at MetroArts charter high school will likely feature some of the best art out there this weekend.

But the truth is that if Phoenix is ever going to truly grow as an arts community, the city must move beyond the beginnings. SMoCA's Susan Crane is looking forward to the better, more experienced work she hopes to see this weekend at places like 515, eye lounge and Wayne Rainey's space, monOrchid.

monOrchid promises one of the most evolved shows of Art Detour, curated by Ted Decker -- formerly of SMoCA, now at ASU and working for Rainey's Shade Projects. "Respite," which opens this Friday at monOrchid, features never-seen work paintings, photography and other work by artists from all over the country, as well as local artists like Colin Chillag, Beatrice Moore, Heidi Hesse and Jon Haddock.

"Citizen Eyes" by Lew Alquist
"Citizen Eyes" by Lew Alquist
Untitled (Girl Lifting Her Dress) by Beatrice Moore
Untitled (Girl Lifting Her Dress) by Beatrice Moore


For more information about venue hours or shuttles, or to get a brochure, call Artlink at 602-256-7539 or go to

Above all, ASU's John Spiak says, "Art Detour is the time for surprises. . . . It's fun to see all the chaos down there."

If recent First Fridays are any indication, chaos will not be in short supply this weekend.

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