Letters from the week of March 4, 2004

Name withheld by request

Fish tales: Thank you, thank you! You are a breath of fresh air. I am so sick of everyone saying, "I'm addicted to Pete's Fish and Chips." It has got to be the worst mess I have ever had to pay for! I have lived in this Valley for 15 years and really miss a good fish and chips place!!

There is one in the East Valley called Sullivan's Pier. It is near the corner of Gilbert Road and Main Street. We have been going there for years and have never been disappointed.

Thanks again for speaking your mind, I admire it!

Jae Richards
Apache Junction

A new low: Congrats on reaching a new low on reviewing eateries in the Phoenix area. It's a wonder New Times even allowed such a crass review. I am 68 years old and my wife and I have eaten fish and chips while on vacation in England several times. We have also been eating at Pete's since 1979 when we moved here. You cannot compare the two. But your reference to fried garbage regarding Pete's is without question a new low in reviews.

With more than 50 years serving the Phoenix area, obviously Pete's is doing pretty good. I just wonder where you will be after 50 years.

Jerry Jess
Via e-mail

No re-Pete business: I couldn't quit laughing!! I completely agree about Pete's Fish and Chips. It is one of the worst places I have ever come across! And I tout myself as a food connoisseur, since I have food service industry background.

Thanks for the laugh and honesty.

Iris Spencer
Via e-mail

Voice of Reason
A no-no: The "Reasonable Doubt" article on the Department of Corrections chief's credibility was very informative and revealed facts that I didn't know (Patti Epler and Bruce Rushton, February 19). I congratulate your efforts. However, there is one thing you shouldn't have done -- released the last name of the female correctional officer since she is a "rape victim." Her last name, to my knowledge, has not been released even by the Arizona Republic (Phx Pravda).

Name withheld by request

Infernal Blather
We'd rather not think about the origin of "Kreme": Doesn't this potty-mouth Kreme have anything better to do than roam the clubs looking for people to make fun of? I just read the latest Inferno column about Hot Pink where Kreme and his co-columnist Jett (does she really exist?) make fun of some guy named Mike, claiming he has a small penis ("Hot Pink Perdition," Stephen Lemons and Elaine Bell, February 19). Is that what it all comes down to for this filthy pair? How big someone's equipment is? How high school can you get?

This column is an insult to your readers! Tell us what's going on in the clubs, but please spare us your columnists' obsessions with body parts.

Maybe Kreme suffers from penis envy himself. Maybe that's why he has such a disgusting name.

Timothy Biggs

Must be a friend of Stephen Lemons': Just read Stephen Lemons' column on Hot Pink, and it's another winner from this talented scribe. Lemons writes like a long-lost bastard grandchild of Raymond Chandler and Dorothy Parker, cruising the American wasteland with a thesaurus in one hand and an adult video club membership card in the other. I'll be back for more of his hilariously skewed perspective next week.

Michael Tunison
Los Angeles

Almost makes us want you to: Best bit of writing I've read on the Internet since they put Salon.com on the subscription model ("Loungin' With Lucifer," Inferno, Stephen Lemons and Elaine Bell, February 12). Almost makes me want to visit Arizona.

Julie Pittman
Via e-mail

Hot topic: Thanks for starting the new column Inferno. I love the two characters, and am enjoying their bawdy exploits. I agree totally with the second column's conclusion about electroclash and that whole nostalgia movement. Why can't people of my generation go for the music that is now and of today? There's great stuff out there, you know? What a crock all that '80s stuff is.

Reading Inferno is really better than going to the clubs, because you get a quick hit of what they are all about, without having to put up with some of the stupid assholes who frequent them. Hey, Kreme and Jett, keep it coming, yo. You have a real public out there.

Edgar Barrios

Skin Games
One racist is too many: At first the article "Barbecue Nations" (Susy Buchanan and David Holthouse, February 19) seemed like a bland account of some twisted racists preaching to each other and getting smashed in the desert. All along I thought these people were despicable because of their love for Hitler, bombings, and beatings of hapless victims.

Fortunately, the writers pointed out that I should not worry because these people are of no more concern than Don Knotts in a Disney film, good family fun. Well, thanks!

There are just not enough haters to worry about. Can't do much damage with only 350 people or less. How many Timothy McVeighs are enough to worry about?

Now, I know you writers are tough realists; hey, big deal, a few measly racists. To their victims, even one racist is too many!

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